Renewable Energy

Photo by artJazz/iStock / Getty Images

The fuel resource for renewable energy is weather, and weather is intermittent by nature.

Weather is the primary driver of financial performance for wind, solar and hydroelectric projects as it affects both the amount of production (production risk) and the timing (shape risk). We have provided risk capacity to projects worldwide to hedge these risks.

Our solutions and risk capacity have been used to enhance project financing and manage seasonal or annual cash flow risk. These solutions include:

  • Our award-winning[1] PPA-like product, called the Proxy Revenue Swap (PRS), which provides revenue certainty for renewable energy projects.
  • Credit solutions linked to PRS that enable projects to finance more future project value than would be possible with traditional debt solutions.
  • Risk capacity for “firming and shaping” products that allow Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy buyers, other energy off-takers, project sponsors and investors to transfer undesired revenue risk off their balance sheets.