Nephila has been connecting the risk transfer dots for 20 years

Nephila Climate is the new face of the weather risk transfer products we have offered for more than 10 of those years.  We provide the risk capital to help with the transition to a low carbon world and also to help businesses, institutions, investors and governments cope with financial exposures arising from increasing weather and climate volatility.  

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We have a track record of creating innovative products and providing risk capital to help counterparties manage unique exposures

We offer short-term weather-linked and long-term climate-linked risk transfer products to counterparties globally. These products have been used to de-risk renewable energy projects, farming ventures, energy markets earnings, and cash flows for many other businesses. Such products have also been used to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather disasters around the world. As a long-time leader in the space, we have a history of creating new products to help counterparties in all sectors of the global economy transfer weather and climate risks.


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